DOD3 Weapon Story: Kaine’s Sword [DLC]



The Woman, lost twice.
First, her precious grandmother.
Second, a precious friend.

The Woman, was killed.
The enemy took many important things from her.
The enemy cast a curse of revenge on her.

The Woman, lost.
She had lost sight of the meaning to fight for revenge.
She had lost sight of the meaning of life of killing and slaughtering.

The Woman, had a dream.
In a dark cave.
When she reach a point between life and death, a dream to meet a precious person.



Here are the colored pictures from the first volume of the Shi ni Itaru Aka manga. I know the second/third picture is online scanlated but this one had barely any text on it so I thought it was worth scanning. Oh, I wasn’t sure if the cover had a large version online so I scanned that if anyone would like it.